moto studio
Founded by Bruce McQuiston, it is the culmination of his lifelong obsession with all things mechanical. His desire to build a bike for himself naturally morphed into building bikes for friends and customers. The company gained momentum when Bruce met Ryan Arends at Bike Night in Miami in winter of 2013. Since that time, the Moto Studio crew has grown with each member bringing in his own set of skills.

Bruce McQuiston
During the time he was working on his degree in sculpture in early eighties, the surrounding Pennsylvania country roads provided the perfect motorcycle playground that ultimately lead McQuiston to the race track. After winning the first WERA motorcycle road race he entered, the stage was set and since the early eighties, he has made a living as a race car driver, driver coach and race car engineer. Today, with the birth of Moto-Studio, McQuiston is distilling all of his talents into one endeavor: the creation of sublimely elegant, high-performance motorcycle machinery. 

The Bikes
moto studio motorcycles reflect McQuiston's knowledge of materials, his engineering experience and his artistic perception. The machines work on every level: they perform by incorporating modern technology and race engineering and aesthetically they combine contemporary materials, functional design and nostalgic ties to important motorcycles of the past.

McQuiston's choice of motorcycles are the classic bikes of Italy: Ducati and Moto Guzzi, companies with long histories and soulful origins.

“I admire many builders from around the world that work with other manufacturers, but for me, the bike needs to start with a soul." Bruce McQuiston

moto studio places weight reduction as a primary objective as it allows for the use of a more comfortable suspension set-up and results in better performance. A lighter weight, increased torque and horsepower, and race-ready stoppers from Brembo are what make riding a Moto-Studio bike a pure pleasure.